Laur Silicone, Inc. remains open to supply critical infrastructure needs. If we can help in any way for transportation, construction, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, food production, and medical protective equipment, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY INFORM US AND WE WILL EXPIDITE YOUR CRITICAL SUPPLY. Please Stay Safe!
Laur Silicone

Laur Silicone has developed specialty silicone rubber compounds for a variety of products. We strive to continually develop new compounds as customers find innovative needs for silicone materials.

Quality in our products is of paramount importance. All of our materials are tested and evaluated to the highest standards prior to shipping. We want to assure you, the customer, that there is uniformity and consistency within every compound we manufacture.
Laur Silicone is committed to giving our customers high value in the compounds they purchase. Value comes from more than just low cost. It also comes from consistent compounds and ease of use, as well as customer service.

Lower production costs can also increase product value. We offer several value added packaging options to assist you in your process.